12 December 2009

Book news: SUPERBUG available for pre-order!

Constant readers: To my complete surprise, SUPERBUG is up on Amazon!

Mind you, the page is almost blank. The cover image has not been added; the flap copy hasn't even been finalized; and my bio is out of date. (For an up-to-date bio, visit my Amazon author page, where posts from here will soon be mirrored.)

Nevertheless, there it is — and at a lovely pre-release deep discount (34%!) too.

I had plans to roll out news about the book over the next two months, but this has scooped me, a bit. So here's the first bit of news, which you'll see confirmed on the Amazon page: We finally decided on a subtitle. So the full title of the book now is:

SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA

Has a nice ring to it, no?

Here's something else this scoops me on: the release date. SUPERBUG will be published on March 23, 2010.

And here's an important detail: My own experience with Amazon orders has been that pre-orders are not only discounted — they also move out from Amazon very quickly as release date approaches. So if you'd like to get a copy of SUPERBUG into your hand as soon as can be, a pre-order is one sure way to do it. (Plus, it makes my publisher happy.)

$17.16, folks. 34% off! How can you go wrong?

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Unknown said...

I'll certainly pre-order your book. In fact, I want to order your earlier book too.


-- Gopal