14 September 2010

Gone. (Again.) And it's really exciting. (And some NDM-1, too.)

Constant readers, cast your minds back to early summer, when SUPERBUG briefly bugged out of here to Scienceblogs. Scienceblogs was a great community, but not quite the right fit, and so I ended up happily back here, doing my own thing, and you very kindly followed me. And it's been an exciting few months back here, with lots of news on NDM-1 (look here for the archive), and flu and C. diff and HAIs.

And now, some real news. SUPERBUG is moving again. And this is going to be great.

I'm thrilled to be one of seven launch bloggers in a new network set up at Wired.com: Wired Science. It's an amazing, diverse group, high-performance and hyper-cool: Frontal Cortex, Neuron Culture, Laelaps, Dot Physics, Clastic Detritus, Genetic Future, and me. I'm beyond flattered to be among them.

Our launch announcement is here. My new page is here. (The complete addy, which may change in a few weeks after a tweak, but keep it for now:

My inaugural post is the latest news, from the ICAAC meeting, on NDM-1.

We're having some issues with the archives, so I'll be leaving this site up as a resource. But I'd love to see you there as well as here. Please come check us out. And thank you, so much, for your loyalty, interest and attention over these years.

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