07 June 2010

News: SUPERBUG is moving

Constant readers, I have an exciting announcement. After 3 years here on Blogger, SUPERBUG has been invited to join the thoughtful, knowledgeable, chatty and sometimes raucous community over at Scienceblogs. From today, I'll be posting instead at a new page:

I will keep this site up as a resource, at least until we can work out the mechanics of transferring this blog's archives over to the new page.

You've been such great readers, so thoughtful and thorough. I really hope you'll follow me over to the new location. I would love to engage with you there too.

Sincere thanks to all of you for all your attention, and warmest wishes.

1 comment:

Arkanoid Legent said...

Congratulations Mary, I hope my link can be added in new page as how you have done in your old blog.