20 July 2010

Hi, I'm back.

Hello again, constant readers. If you've been following the ongoing implosion at my briefly-new-and-now-former home at Scienceblogs, you'll know why we're back here blowing the dust off things. If not, never mind: There's way too much news to talk about, anyway.

To maintain some continuity, I've changed the URL for this site to Superbugtheblog.com, though the former address, drugresistantstaph.blogspot.com, will also now redirect here. RSS feed buttons are in the sidebar.

I'll be cleaning things up in the next day or so and updating the archives. But in the meantime, I'm back and I hope you are too.


sharon sanders said...

All the best. :)

Michael Coston said...

Welcome back.

And love what you've done with the place!

laughingwolf said...

wb... i'll update my link to you

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I hope you plan on using your twitter account to let us know when you post! :-)

Arkanoid Legent said...

Hi Maryn,

Glad to have you back here....You have been updated in my blog.

Hope you can update mine too.

Anyway great to have you back


Anonymous said...

glad to see you here.

Dark Matter said...

Hi everybody, I'm new here....

I'm just trying to get some feedback on the
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since no one has posted there yet...

What does everybody think of the idea of using
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