11 March 2010

SUPERBUG the book: First excerpt, first interview, and news!

Constant readers: It's two weeks to publication, and I'm starting to lose my grip on everything there is to do. (As you might be able to tell by my radio silence...) I'm very backed up on great research to tell you about.

First, though, let me share some book news:

EXCERPT: The first excerpt of SUPERBUG has been published on Simon and Schuster's website! It looks like the entire Chapter One.

INTERVIEW: I was invited to Chicago the past few days to do a speech for International Women's Day, and ended up doing some sneak-preview media appearances. Here's the sound file of an interview with the fabulous Alison Cuddy of WBEZ-FM.

MORE INTERVIEWS: I'll be listing forthcoming interviews and appearances on my page at BookTour.com. You'll notice there isn't much up there yet: We're still working on publicity. So help me fill this page, OK? Here's how:

TOUR, A PLEA: My publisher, Free Press, doesn't really believe in sending authors around. They have some justification: As I can testify from my last tour, sometimes a book tour mean spending two hours making painful chit-chat in an empty bookstore whose entire population is the staff, the friend who drove you, and a street person who wandered in and is conversing quietly with her demons. (Twenty-Third Street Books, Portland, OR, thanks for asking. I hear they closed.) But that bad experience notwithstanding, I believe there's value in getting out and talking to readers, victims, disease geeks and anyone else interested in this bug, and I'm willing to do it, if you'll help.

So: If you're a clinician, a professor, or a teacher, and you're willing to host SUPERBUG and me at a class, a department brown-bag or a Grand Rounds, please get in touch. Ditto if you run a Cafe Scientifique, have a book club that wants to talk about science or medicine, have a church group, a kid's group, a med-student society... you get the idea. If I can get there, I'll come. I know already that I'll be in and out of Minneapolis and Atlanta, my two home bases, and also in North Carolina, Iowa, Chicago, and I hope San Francisco, Portland and Boston as well. Help me add to the list!

Right, back to research tomorrow.


Unknown said...

How would you like to visit the Mayo Clinic?

Maryn McKenna said...

Absolutely! It's even nearby. Email me (righthand column) and let's talk specifics.

Unknown said...

I heard your interview on NPR today and was so interested I ordered your book tonight. Good job.,