23 March 2010

PUBLICATION DAY! And SUPERBUG will be on Fresh Air

Constant readers, huge news: SUPERBUG will be featured in a segment today on the NPR program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Please tune in if you can! Fresh Air's broadcast times vary across the country, but you can listen online or via podcast. The schedule is here.

Listen to the podcast here.
Read the story here.


Julie Brown said...

Hi, I tuned in to Terry Gross about 25 minutes into the interview. I hadn't heard of your book or website. Just ordered the book and I'm thrilled to have more information. My husband has had 4 periods of infection since 6/2008. The last was on his face & he landed in the hospital on IV antibiotics, and home on them for several days as well. On 2 of these periods, he had 4 infected areas incised.

We have been so desperate for more information. Every doctor tells us a different thing. One thing we've noticed is every period infection was preceded by a period of high stress.

Thanks for your research and getting the word out.

Julia Brown

Anonymous said...

I heard the feature on NPR. I have been fighting MRSA for over 3 yrs. now. I have a community strain. Don't know how I contracted it. I don't wish this on anyone. It is very painful. My infectious disease doctor can usually keep it under control with Sulfameth, but sometimes must resort to Xyvox. Thank you for writing this book. I will be recommending it.