26 January 2010

SUPERBUG's first web page!

Folks, as with my first book, I'm having a website professionally built for SUPERBUG (by the awesome Book Report Network). But while we work on that, I've put up a proto-page on my own. Please come check it out!

You'll see the gorgeous, scary cover, the hair-raising jacket copy, and links to pages about me and about the book. You'll also see links for buying the book:  at a deeply discounted pre-publication price at Amazon, and also at IndieBound.com, the site for independent book-sellers.

There's also a link through which you can check out BookTour.com, where I'll be listing appearances and speeches, and where you can request I come speak. And finally — important for academics and teachers! — there's a link through which you can order a free copy for academic evaluation.

Until we get the full site built, the page will be on my website. The URL is http://www.MarynMcKenna.com/SUPERBUG.html. Please come look.


De Verrassing said...

Looks Nice!

good luck!


Marc Abrahams said...

Looks great, Maryn! Congrats!