04 January 2010

SUPERBUG website coming - what would you like to see?

Constant readers, with publication of SUPERBUG the book coming closer, I'm starting to put together the pieces for a website. It will have stuff about the book, of course: details, excerpts, behind-the-scenes goodies, news on the key characters, and more. But my hope would be for the site to go beyond that, and to be a resource for people who want information about MRSA, or who want to network with other patient and family members, or find like-minded activists to talk with about the dangers of antibiotic resistance in agriculture.

But any site is not just going to be about me: We've become a community here over the past few years. So please tell me in the comments or by email: What would be most useful to you? Let me know what your wish-list is for SUPERBUG, and I'll take it to the designers when we plan the new site.

I'd really like to know.

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