02 October 2009

SUPERBUG listed among "50 Excellent Public Health Blogs"

Constant readers, I'm thrilled to let you know that SUPERBUG has been chosen one of "50 Excellent Public Health Blogs" by the nursing website RNCentral.com.

We are in extremely flattering company. Also among their choices are:
  • Effect Measure, the premier public-health blog, now the go-to place for analyses of public responses to pandemic flu
  • the Pump Handle, on public and occupational health
  • the New Health Dialogue, on health-care reform, whose writers include my friend and former Kaiser Foundation co-fellow Joanne Kenen,
  • Covering Health, the blog of the Association of Health Care Journalists, where I am a board member
  • Schwitzer Health News, the journalism-quality blog of Gary Schwitzer, University of Minnesota professor and founder of Health News Review
  • Barf Blog, written by food-safety experts at Kansas State University and North Carolina State University
along with many others that are new to me and that I look forward to checking out. I urge you to do the same.

1 comment:

Michael Coston said...

Well deserved, I might add!