30 September 2009

MRSA involvement in H1N1 flu: UPDATE

The CDC's MMWR report on their analysis of bacterial co-infections in H1N1 flu deaths has been placed online here.

And there are two excellent analyses of it by the marvelous blogs Effect Measure and Mike the Mad Biologist.


Julia Nora Pilas said...

My name is Julia Nora Pilas and I have written a book entitled "On The Street Where You Live" www.juliapilasauthor.com I also have a www.youtube.com (type jnpilas in the search box) presentation. My dad died from MRSA he contracted in the hospital and because my cries fell on deaf ears I decided to write a book. I have been lucky enough to have had several Radio Interviews all wanting to help. Here's hoping we all succeed in making a difference.

tmullins said...

As a former embalmer, I am concerned and have been concerned for over five years of MRSA ( methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureaus ) in these deaths from a flu bug. Hospitals in America are filthy bacteria breeding grounds and the very health care system we trust, believe and depend on to keep us safe and healthy is infecting our communities with a disease that used to be an only hospital acquired infection that is so common in our homes, schools, businesses. I really believe the mix of MRSA and flu will cause more deaths than AIDS. I watched my father rot for ten months because of the status quo http://www.wisecountyissues.com/?p=62 which I am not saying is medical malpractice, what I did for a living was legal mutilation. But what is deemed, defended and supported as quality health care in America is going to kill more and more innocent people, mostly children right now, but the vunerable elderly are the next target and I can only imagine what will happen when this affects the US economy and health care system.