05 September 2008

New MRSA-control campaign on Web

A new website offering personal stories of MRSA patients and survivors has launched: The Stop MRSA Now! Coalition (here and in the "MRSA communities" list on the right).

It offers materials including a downloadable handbook, an email link to ask questions of experts and a spot to submit your own MRSA story. Included among the coalition members is Phoenix Suns' player Grant Hill, who lost 6 months of his career to a post-surgical MRSA infection while he was with the Orlando Magic.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice a familiar tiny logo on each page of the site. It's the corporate diamond of The Clorox Company, which sponsors the coalition. Diluted bleach can be used to disinfect MRSA-contaminated syrfaces, but to give Clorox credit, the site abstains from using MRSA as a marketing opportunity. The handbook, for instance, doesn't say "Use Clorox"; instead, it says:
All washable (hard, non-porous) surfaces
of bathrooms and living areas should be disinfected routinely,
especially in public settings like schools and workplaces.
If no disinfection instructions exist, use 1 tablespoon of
disinfecting bleach diluted in 1 quart of water (1:100 concentration),
or use another Environmental Protection Agency approved
disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s
instructions to disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

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