30 July 2008

A note on flackery.

I believe in transparency (see Operating Instructions in the right-hand column), and some comments have been submitted to the blog recently that I was not willing to publish. So it's time to declare a policy.

Here it is: I will not allow any comments that advertise any products, explicitly or by linkage, period full stop.

I am my readers' filter; that's the responsibility I accepted when I started this blog, and I take it seriously. So anything that might be published in this space goes through me first. If anyone out there has a product — pharma, natural, alternative, antibacterial, whatever — my email is on the right. Send me a note, send me some literature; especially send me some data. I'm happy to engage offline.

I may post on what you send, or I may not. But it will be my post, not someone else's cloaked advertising. Just so we're clear.

Sermon over. Donuts and coffee, anyone?

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