05 May 2009

For flu wonks: Hear from a CDC expert on novel H1N1 "swine" flu

Folks, I am a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, a US-based organization of 1,100 journalists from North America and elsewhere committing to practicing science/health/medical journalism to a high standard. (No matter how much the collapse of the MSM undermines us. But that's a different blog post...)

One of the things the AHCJ tries to do is to get its membership in direct touch with newsmakers as much as possible. We have a conference, we have podcasts, we have newsmaker briefings. And on Tuesday, we had a live webcast/call-in with Dr. Carolyn Bridges, associate director for epidemiologic science in the influenza division of the CDC, taking questions for 45 minutes on aspects of the new flu.

Participation in the call was limited to AHCJ members, but the archived version is open to all on BlogTalkRadio. Link is here.

(And yes, the moderator/interviewer is, umm, me.)

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