27 March 2009

Germs: All-singing, all-dancing, all urging you to wash your hands

Because it is Friday, and we could all use a laugh... I'm currently writing about a hospital system that has had very good success with an institution-wide campaign to promote hand-washing.

The system is called Novant Health Care. They won a major award from the Joint Commission last year (months after I interviewed them, news-radar points to me). Their campaigns have worked so well that they have put their graphics (images for posters, computer wallpapers, wndow films and the like) free for download here.

But what was new to me is their hand-hygiene promoting video, which they have put on YouTube, featuring a singing, dancing E. coli channeling Barry Manilow. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Soapacabana.

(Wanders away, humming: My name is Germy, I like it dirty...)

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