27 February 2008

MRSA article in Health magazine

After a long wait, some freelance articles that I've written on MRSA while researching the book have finally begun to be published! Here is the first, in Health magazine: an "as-told-to" by a Boston-area woman who struggled for more than a year with recurrent skin infections that just kept coming back:

The Truth About Staph
by Jilly Jackson* as told to Maryn McKenna
One woman’s harrowing tale of dealing with a dangerous infection called MRSA. How she got it and how it spread.
When I heard that high schools were closing and teenagers were dying because of the MRSA superbug, I felt lucky. Since the middle of 2006, I’ve had methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus six times and somehow managed to avoid the worst: I’ve never been hospitalized and don’t fear for my life.
Link here and sidebar here.
Also, a CNN.com version — which has generated some great new leads for me! — here.

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Anonymous said...

this is a good article. MRSA is no joke. I had it and battled boils and skin rashes for over a year. it makes you real tired, weak, and depressed. i think i got it from an open cut on my shoulder. i was bench pressing at the gym and rubbed against someone else's sweat. i wrote a lot about it on my site at www.infectioncures.com